At Mr. Vert Cleaning, our mission is to help our clients to protect and enhance their investments by providing them with the best care and natural products for a cleaner business and home.

Backed by 15 years of industry experience, our founder, Serge Lafontant, began Mr. Vert Cleaning as a way to fill a need for those in the hospitality industry.

Mr. Vert Cleaning noticed that, with more and more visitors flooding the Miami area, hotels and restaurants were unable to adequately staff and maintain their own cleaning crews and preferred to outsource their commercial cleaning, housekeeping, and janitorial services. Though there existed several other cleaning companies in the area, Serge believed that there was a void of those that placed environmentally-conscious techniques and materials at the forefront of their business, and even fewer that consider customer care as a priority. This is what Mr. Vert Cleaning provides: eco-friendly cleaning services with a focus on excellent service.

By re-focusing his efforts, Serge compiled a team of like-minded cleaning and maintenance experts to create Miami’s premier commercial cleaning organization. Though we have experience with both residential and industrial cleaning, Mr. Vert Cleaning concentrates our efforts upon the challenges presented by the hospitality industry. From the hard surfaces and tiles in the front lobby to guest room and kitchen cleaning, our crews deliver fastidious services that promise spotless, immaculate results.

Find out more about why so many Miami businesses are choosing us for their cleaning and maintenance needs. Call for your customized cleaning quote today!