Dingy, dirty, and stained carpet and upholstery are never seen as a trademark of excellence for any business, regardless of how long-lasting or well-reputed a business they are. If a new guest arrives to find that the carpet is marred by grime or the furniture’s upholstery keeps them from lingering, then your business will ultimately suffer.

Because carpet and soft furniture have the capability of holding onto odors as well as grime, routine cleaning is imperative to your guest’s comfort. Nobody wants to be affronted by offensive smells and greasy, stained buildups when sitting down to eat or relaxing in their hotel room.

As your source of expert-level commercial upholstery and carpet cleaning services, the Mr. Vert Cleaning staff ensures that your reputation for providing a stellar ambiance will be protected. Using only “green” solvents and materials, we ensure the long-term health and safety of both your employees and guests while doing our part in protecting our planet while making sure everything is spotlessly cleaned.

Our carpet and upholstery cleaning service is just one of a long-line of commercial cleaning options that we offer at Mr. Vert Cleaning. Backed by 15 years of professional cleaning industry experience, with a concentration on hotels, restaurants, and resorts in Miami, we always strive to deliver environmentally-conscious cleaning services that are both effective and affordable. Licensed and insured, our team of qualified technicians were hand-picked and screened for integrity, honesty and expertise in all aspects of commercial cleaning.

Don’t allow your guests to ever believe that you don’t care about their comfort or peace of mind. Let them know that when visiting, they will experience the relaxing experience they deserve and respect by presenting an unblemished, sanitary and inviting atmosphere. Get your carpet and upholstery cleaning quote from Mr. Vert Cleaning now.