Hard Surface Cleaning and Polishing | Mr. Vert Cleaning

What are your floors saying about your business?

Over time, even the most expensive and high-quality surfaces can lose their shine. Thanks to high volumes of traffic, stains, scuffs and grime slowly building up, the resulting appearance is likely to tarnish your reputation as a business as well.

The only truly effective way to remove the ground-in dirt from your floors and tiled surfaces is with deep cleaning tools and equipment. Equipped with the most innovative power cleaning equipment, our technicians quickly strip flooring of all grime and dirt, leaving behind an immaculately clean surface that welcomes guests and visitors.

At Mr. Vert Cleaning, each of our certified cleaning technicians is as focused on the long-term health of the planet as you are. We desire to never leave injurious elements behind when cleaning any hard surface. Therefore, we utilize only environmentally-conscious cleaning solvents and techniques that favor health of both the planet and your guests or employees.

Regardless of the type of hard surface we’re dealing with, our customized power cleaning techniques deliver optimal results that ensure their long life and functionality. Schedule a full consultation with one of our customer care members to find out more about our interior hard surface cleaning services.