1. Excellent Job

    I had Mr. Vert cleaning power cleaned my driveway, my windows and my storm awnings. They did an excellent job. I would recommend their services to anyone who need cleaners…Read More

    Lawrence A.
  2. Very Happy

    I am very happy with the work “Mr. Vert cleaning have done on my upholstery and carpet. I was ready to get rid of them, but when I heard about Mr. Vert cleaning I changed my mind. I am glad I did because I save a lot money because of Mr. Vert.…Read More

    Robert B.
  3. So Beautiful

    I felt very disappointed whenever I would go to friend's house. She had the same tiles like I had but hers were always clean and shiny and mine which cleaned weekly by my boys looked drab. After I started to use “Mr. Vert cleaning” to do my cleaning, the tiles are so beautiful, I am literally scared to walk on them.…Read More

    Miguel Z.
  4. Happy

    I had replaced the carpet in my house approximately two years ago. The one I have now becoming moldy and smelly. I am really happy to say that “Mr. Vert cleaning” has cleaned it and it and it now smells and looks as if it is brand new.…Read More

    Guillerme D.
  5. Recommended

    I really never had faith in some of the people who do house cleaning; however, I am impressed in the professional manner in which the individuals from “Mr. Vert cleaning” do their jobs. They have done work for me and my neighbor in cleaning our upholstery and carpet. I would recommend them to anyone who needs their service…Read More

    Daphnee B.
  6. The Happiest Homeowner!

    I live in a neighborhood where most of the entrance are concrete. I don't know what happened to mine, but I was not happy how dirty it looked. I had “Mr. Vert cleaning” to clean and detail it and I am one of the happiest homeowner in my neighborhood.…Read More

    Jefferson B.